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Case studies

UK Government support for jobs

6 November 2020

The UK Government's economic response to coronavirus is protecting, supporting and creating jobs in Scotland.

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Turning the Tide

7 February 2020

What is a UK Government Blue Belt?

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12 January 2020

How an onion-based project in Edinburgh is at the heart of protecting biodiversity around the world.

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RAF Red Arrows

4 November 2019

The Red Arrows take off in Northern America

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26 August 2019

Every day, NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) Allies work and train together to keep our citizens safe.

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Building better batteries

The UK Government are investing in the University of St Andrews Eden Campus to support the development of new batteries and fuel cells.

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Love is GREAT

How the UK is using its global influence to promote and champion LGBT rights around the world.

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Defending Media Freedom

How the UK is using its global influence to defend media freedom and improve the safety of journalists across the world.

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Signs of Hope

How the UK is using its global influence to protect wildlife and habitats from climate change.

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