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City Region & Growth Deals

City Region and Growth Deals invest in projects that drive regional economic growth and create jobs.

What are City Region Deals and Growth Deals?

City Region Deals and Growth Deals are agreements between the UK Government, Scottish Government and local partners. This approach brings all levels of government together to make long-term investments that are tailored to the needs and strengths of the region.

Each of the deals aims to unlock the potential of Scotland’s towns and cities and their surrounding areas.  As well as creating sustainable economic growth and around 90,000 jobs, all of the deals are attracting additional public and private investment to their region.

The UK Government is investing more than £1.5 billion in City Region and Growth Deals for every part of Scotland:

Glasgow City Region

The Glasgow City Region Deal is one of the largest in the UK, involving eight local authorities across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.  The UK Government is investing £523 million into the £1.2 billion deal.  In addition to cutting-edge medical scanners and support for 29,000 jobs, the deal will help regenerate communities and unlock up to £3.3 billion of further investment.  Use the map below to explore the deal’s 21 infrastructure projects.

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The Aberdeen City Region Deal is supporting the evolution of the region’s main business sectors and creating green jobs for the future.  The UK Government is investing £125 million in projects such as the Net Zero Technology Centre.  Other projects include a life sciences start-up hub and a centre for innovation in agri-food and nutrition.  At the same time, the deal will improve digital connectivity and support the expansion of Port of Aberdeen.  Combined the deal is delivering £936 million of investment and 5,500 jobs.

Inverness & Highlands

The £315 million Inverness & Highland City Region Deal is receiving £53 million from the UK Government.  Already in progress are the redevelopment of Inverness Castle and a Centre for Health Innovation.  Meanwhile, the Northern Innovation Hub is promoting new skills and partnerships across the region’s many small businesses.  The UK Government is providing £20 million to support the land-side infrastructure for the Corran Ferry.  As a result the deal could support more than 3,300 jobs and bring in £800 million of further investment.  

Edinburgh & South East Scotland

The £1.3 billion Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal could create 21,000 jobs by maximising the economic benefits from new technologies and data driven innovation.  The UK Government is investing £300 million in the deal.  This is creating cutting-edge data facilities including for artificial intelligence, robotics, and improving health and social care. Meanwhile, funding for a new concert hall in Edinburgh will reaffirm the region as a centre for culture.

Stirling and Clackmannanshire

The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal is investing more than £214 million, including £45 million from the UK Government.  Projects such as Scotland’s International Environment Centre and an aquaculture technology hub will build on established strengths.  Elsewhere, the Intergenerational Living Innovation Hub will respond to the demands of an ageing population.  Altogether the deal aims to unlock £640 million of further investment and create over 5,000 new jobs.  

Tay Cities

The Tay Cities Region Deal will create 6,000 jobs and invest more than £700 million in the region, including £150 million from the UK Government.  This will help the region’s universities to foster innovation in cyber security, forensic science, and sustainability.  Similarly, the James Hutton Institute will pioneer agricultural technology and barley cultivation.  Elsewhere, the Montrose Drone Port will harness drones to support public services and offshore wind energy, and Perth City Hall will become a world-class museum and home for the Stone of Scone.


The UK Government is contributing £103 million to the £251.5 million Ayrshire Growth Deal.  This is could unlock private investment of around £300 million and deliver up to 7,000 new jobs.  The Deal will help to restore the region’s historic strengths in manufacturing and provide renewable heat energy for local heating networks.


The Borderlands span Southern Scotland and Northern England and are home to over a million people.  The £450 million Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal includes £265 million UK Government investment and aims to create 5,500 jobs.  The deal will help the region become a global leader for mountain biking, create exciting new attractions and make the most of its picturesque towns.  The deal will invest in a sustainable future by decarbonising the dairy industry and growing renewable energy.  This will be supported through better digital connectivity, a Carlisle transport hub, and exploring the potential to extend the Borders Railway.


The Moray Growth Deal is investing more than £100 million in the region’s future, including £32.5 million from both the UK and Scottish governments.  The deal focuses on employability and skills, manufacturing innovation, tourism and digital connectivity & innovation.  It is estimated it will directly and indirectly create around 3,500 jobs and attract an additional 50,000 tourists.

Argyll and Bute

The UK and Scottish governments have each committed £25 million to the £70 million Argyll and Bute Growth DealThe deal will take advantage of the region’s strengths and deliver investment in aquaculture, tourism, skills, housing, digital connectivity, engineering, and the low carbon economy.   


The Falkirk Growth deal will boost the local economy by creating skilled jobs and investing in infrastructure improvements to support sustainable travel, tourism and energy.  The UK and Scottish Governments have each committed £40 million to the deal.  The projects, which are in development, aim to secure and create jobs and promote innovation to help local industries switch to a low-carbon economy.


The Islands Growth Deal covers Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles.  The UK and Scottish governments are each investing £50 million the deal, which could deliver up to £393 million investment in the islands.  The deal will support growth and create up to 1,300 jobs, while developing thriving sustainable communities.  It will do this with a broad range of high-impact projects, whether it’s leading the transition to net zero or developing ‘must-visit’ destinations such as the St Kilda trail.