The UK Government can help you plan your retirement income.  Check your State Pension online and receive free impartial guidance on your pensions options from Pension Wise.

What State Pension can I get and when?

Your State Pension is based on your own National Insurance record, so the amount everyone gets can be different.  The full rate of the new State Pension is currently £164.35 a week , just over £8,500 a year – but yours may be either more or less than this.  You can claim your State Pension once you reach your State Pension age.

The best way to find out how much you could get is to use the Check your State Pension service to get a personalised forecast.

Find out your State Pension age under current legislation - external link
Check your State Pension - external link

Think about how much income you’d like when you retire, and the best ways to build up your pension.  Workplace Pensions can be a great way of increasing your income, as when you pay in, your boss does too. In most cases so does the government, so your pension (in most circumstances) should keep growing.

Find out how to have more for your retirement - external link

Pension Wise – guidance on your pensions options

Pension Wise is a UK Government service that offers free and impartial guidance about options for your defined contribution pensions.

The service can help if you:

  • are aged 50 or over
  • have a personal or workplace pension
  • want to make sense of your options

Find out more about your pension type, options and book your appointment online or by phone:

Find out more from Pension Wise - external link

More information

If you are working find out more about workplace pensions.

Find out more about UK Government support at home.

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