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Multi-sport facilities

The UK Government is investing £20 million to support multi-sport facilities across Scotland as part of a major commitment to levelling up access to physical activity across the nation.

What is the multi-sport grassroots facilities programme?

The programme provides funding to create and improve football and multi-sport grassroots facilities across the UK.  The funding will be targeted towards deprived areas and aims to increase participation among currently under-represented groups including women and girls and disabled players.  This will ensure local clubs and school teams have the facilities they need to thrive.

Between 2021 and 2025 the UK Government will provide over £300 million UK-wide to improve facilities with their build or upgrade.

Funding for facilities in Scotland

In Scotland, the UK Government is investing £20 million through the Scottish Football Association so that communities have high-quality facilities and pitches to play on.

The funding is helping to create and improve pitches, including 3G pitches, as well as changing rooms and pavilions.

So far the UK Government has awarded £15.3 million to 80 multi-sport facilities across Scotland.  Further rounds of funding, delivered through the Scottish Football Association, will continue to support additional facilities.

Use the map below to explore the multi-sport facilities and other levelling up projects announced so far.

How are the projects selected?

In Scotland, the Scottish Football Association is selecting the projects and delivering the programme on behalf of the UK Government.

The Scottish Football Association selects projects from applications and expressions of interest.  It looks at each project’s ability to deliver improved facilities in deprived areas, support multi-sport use and increase participation among currently under-represented groups — primarily women and girls, disabled players and those in deprived areas.

The Department of Culture, Media & Sport commissioned 4GLOBAL to produce a needs assessment report with support from The Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University and The Sports Consultancy.  This has helped the Scottish Football Association and partners to understand where need is greatest.

More Information

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