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City Region & Growth Deals

City Region and Growth Deals invest in projects that drive regional economic growth and create jobs.  The UK Government has committed over £1.5 billion to deals covering every part of Scotland.

What are City Region Deals and Growth Deals?

City Region Deals and Growth Deals are agreements between the UK Government, Scottish Government and local partners that invest in projects tailored to the needs and strengths of Scotland’s regions.

They are an innovative way for all levels of government to work together and create sustainable economic growth and jobs through long-term investment in local projects.  The deals also help to unlock the potential of Scotland’s towns and cities and their wider regions by acting as catalysts for further private and public sector investment.

City Region and Growth Deals have been announced for every part of Scotland, with UK Government investment totalling more than £1.5 billion:

Glasgow City Region

The Glasgow City Region Deal is one of the largest in the UK.  The UK Government is investing £523 million into the £1.17 billion City Deal, which includes commitments from the Scottish Government and eight local authorities across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.  Over its lifetime the deal will deliver around 29,000 jobs and spread the benefits of economic growth across the whole region, ensuring deprived areas benefit.

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The Aberdeen City Region Deal is an ambitious project between the UK and Scottish governments, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils, Opportunity North East, partners and the private sector.  Each government is investing £125 million in the deal.  Projects include the world-leading OGTC, funding for better digital connectivity, a centre for pharmaceutical research, a transport review, a centre for innovation in agri-food and nutrition, and the expansion of Aberdeen harbour.

Inverness & Highlands

The Inverness & Highland City Region Deal will deliver £315 million of investment, including £53 million from the UK Government, which will boost the region’s growing sectors such as tourism and life sciences.  The deal will promote innovation and international links, as well as new partnerships between the region’s many small businesses.  In addition, it will help to realise ambitions of becoming the best digitally connected rural region in Europe.

Edinburgh & South East Scotland

The £1.3 billion Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal focuses on maximising the economic value to the region from new technology and data driven innovation.   The UK and Scottish governments are each investing £300 million to support cutting edge research in the technologies of the future such as AI and robotics, and to provide people across the region with the skills they need for the high value jobs being created.  The deal will also create a new concert hall in Edinburgh, reaffirming the city as a global cultural leader.

Stirling and Clackmannanshire

The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal will deliver more than £214 million to the region, including £45 million each from the UK and Scottish governments. The money is being used to attract more businesses, good quality jobs and specialist skills to the region.  Innovative projects include the National Tartan Centre, Scotland’s International Environment Centre, and a National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub.

Tay Cities

The Tay Cities Deal will deliver more than £700 million to the region, including £150 million each from the UK and Scottish governments.  The deal’s projects will invest across the entire region and include the green economy, agricultural technologies, forensic science, tourism, aviation, and digital expertise. 


The UK and Scottish governments are each contributing £103 million to the £251.5 million Ayrshire Growth Deal.  The deal’s plans will drive economic development across the region by investing in regeneration, digital connectivity, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and low carbon energy.


The Borderlands are home to over 1 million people and cover 10% of the UK landmass.  This geography presents challenges and opportunities that the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal will address by harnessing the region’s substantial strengths and investing more than £450 million, including £265 million from the UK Government and £85 million from the Scottish Government, to make it an even better place to live, work and visit.  The deal’s plans include improvements for transport, skills, digital infrastructure, clean energy, culture and tourism.


The Moray Growth Deal will invest more than £100 million in the region’s future, including £32.5 million from both the UK and Scottish governments.  The deal will support projects that focus on employability and skills programmes, manufacturing innovation, tourism as well as vital improvements to digital connectivity and regeneration.

Argyll and Bute

The UK and Scottish governments have each committed £25 million to the £70 million Argyll and Bute Growth DealThe deal’s proposals will take advantage of existing regional strengths in tourism, food and farming, distilling and defence.  These include investment in aquaculture, tourism, skills, housing, digital connectivity, engineering, and the low carbon economy.   


The Falkirk Growth deal will boost the local economy by creating skilled jobs and investing in infrastructure improvements to support sustainable travel, tourism and energy.  The UK and Scottish Governments have each committed £40 million to the deal.  Projects are in development but could support the region’s strong chemical manufacturing industry at Grangemouth, securing local jobs and driving forward innovation as we move to a low carbon economy.


The Islands Growth Deal covers Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles.  The UK and Scottish governments have each committed £50 million to a deal worth a combined £335 million to the islands.  The deal’s proposals have the ambitious target of creating up to 1,300 jobs and tackling the depopulation concerns facing many parts of the three island archipelagos.  They aim to put the islands at the forefront of the transition to net zero and support thriving, sustainable communities.

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