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Lord Duncan visits Stornoway

Posted on 27 July 2018

Minister for Scotland, Lord Duncan, has visited Stornoway to meet with local businesses and officials and discuss opportunities for developing the economy of the Western Isles.

The visit started with an authentic taste of the Hebrides at the Stornoway Smokehouse.  Lord Duncan lent a hand with the traditional smoking of kippers while hearing about the appetite for Scottish smoked fish in England and Italy.  He also made clear the UK Government’s strong support for continuing to safeguard the protected status of geographic indicators for Scotland’s quality products.

Next Lord Duncan headed to the local council to discuss plans and ambitions for a future ‘Islands Deal’ with investment from the UK and Scottish Governments to grow the local economy and capitalise on the rich cultural and environmental resources available.

A visit to the harbour to meet with local fishermen provided the opportunity for wide ranging discussions on EU exit, including: spurdog by-catch, changing fishing quotas, recruiting and training new fishermen, and the lucrative overseas market for fresh, line-caught tuna.

In the afternoon, Lord Duncan met with the Stornoway Port Authority and talked about ambitious plans to develop deepwater berthing for cruise liners, which could significantly boost tourism to the Western Isles.  He also met with CalMac and discussed the implications of EU exit for ferry service providers, as well as the impact and challenges of climate change.

The day finished at Stornoway Airport where he spoke with the personnel who crew the vital HM Coastguard Search & Rescue helicopters stationed there.