City Region Deals in Scotland

City Region Deals invest in projects that drive regional economic growth and create jobs.  The UK Government have agreed a deal or are in discussions about a deal with each of Scotland’s cities and surrounding regions, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Inverness and the Highlands and the Tay Cities.

What is a City Region Deal?

City Region Deals are agreements between the UK Government, Scottish Government and local authorities that invest in cities and their regions.  They tackle economic barriers and maximise opportunities to drive local, regional and national economic growth.

They are an innovative way for all levels of government to work together and create sustainable economic growth and jobs through long-term investment in local projects – unlocking the economic potential of Scotland’s cities and their wider regions.

So far, the UK Government has helped deliver City Region Deals for:

Glasgow City Region

The Glasgow City Region Deal is one of the largest in the UK.  The UK Government and Scottish Government will each contribute £500 million to an economic growth deal that works with eight local authorities. This will pay for 21 large infrastructure projects, including new roads, bridges and improved transport infrastructure. It will also fund three new skills and employment schemes and three new schemes for innovation and business growth.

Glasgow City Region City Deal - external link

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The Aberdeen City Region Deal is an ambitious project between the UK and Scottish Governments, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils, Opportunity North East, partners and the private sector.  £250 million will be invested by Scotland’s two governments over the next 10 years.  Projects include a world-leading Oil and Gas Technology Centre, funding for better online services, a centre for pharmaceutical research, a transport review, a centre for innovation in agri-food and nutrition, and the expansion of Aberdeen harbour.

Aberdeen City Region Deal - external link

Inverness & Highlands

The Inverness & Highland City Region Deal will deliver £315 million of investment, which will boost the region’s growing sectors such as tourism and life sciences and build 6000 new homes of which 1,800 will be affordable homes.  The deal will promote innovation and international links, as well as new partnerships between the region’s many small businesses. In addition, it will improve connectivity through investment in transport and help to realise ambitions of becoming the best digitally connected rural region in Europe.

Inverness & Highland City Region Deal - external link

Edinburgh & South East Scotland

The Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal will focuses on maximising the economic value of new technology and data driven innovation.  The deal will include the creation of five new innovation hubs, including in robotics and space technologies.  It will invest in cutting edge research in the technologies of the future, exploring innovation in space, health sciences, agri-tech and food and drink.  It will also create a new Edinburgh concert hall: reaffirming the city as a global cultural leader, and reinforcing and building the contribution of culture to the region’s economy.

Edinburgh City Region Deal - external link

Stirling and Clackmannanshire

The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Deal will deliver more than £90 million to the region. The money is being used to attract more businesses, good quality jobs and specialist skills to the region. This will deliver a boost to local economies and improve public services.  Innovative projects to transform the region will include a new Tartan Centre, Aquaculture Innovation Hub, and International Environment Centre.

Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal - external link

Tay Cities

The Tay Cities Deal will deliver more than £350 million to the region.  The money is being used to attract more businesses, good quality jobs, specialist skills and visitors to the region. This will deliver a boost to local economies and improve public services.  There will be an International Aviation Centre – the first of its kind in Scotland, as well as an International Barley Hub to help maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits of the crop.

Tay Cities Deal - external link

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