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Help with exporting

Thousands of businesses in the UK have increased their sales, growth and stability by selling overseas.  Explore the potential of exporting with finance, services, and guidance from the UK Government.

Regardless of your exporting experience, the UK Government offers help for businesses that are looking for exporting opportunities. A range of support is available whether you are looking to export for the first time or ready to expand into new markets.

Export Finance

For UK companies, export finance can provide the working capital needed to be competitive in overseas markets.  Without export finance, it can be difficult to win or fulfil overseas orders.  As an exporter you may need money to:

  • pay for resources to fulfil an order
  • fill the gap between delivering a good or service and being paid for it
  • insure against the risk of non-payment
  • tender for a large project
  • market your product or service
  • visit overseas markets.

You can get export finance and insurance through UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency.  UKEF works in partnership with banks and brokers to provide government-backed working capital loans, credit insurance and bank guarantees to support UK companies to trade overseas.  UK suppliers to exporters can also access UKEF support, spreading the benefits of trade to SMEs across the UK.

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Export Services

The UK Govenment provides export services help to connect UK businesses with international buyers.

Export Guidance

It can be hard to know where to start if you’re new to exporting, and even if you export regularly, there’s always more to know.  The UK Government offers exporting guidance for your experience level, whether you’re new to exporting, export occasionally or exporting regularly.

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Export examples

Highlander Outdoor and Sensewhere are Scotland-based companies who have taken advantage of the help on offer from the UK Government.  Watch below to find out more.

More information

Support is available from the Scottish Government find out more from Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise.

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