A guide to Brexit legislation

There are a number of pieces of legislation proposed by the UK Government which are designed to enable a successful and seamless EU Exit for Scotland and the whole of the UK.

The UK Government has published its plans for how we will operate the areas that are currently controlled by the EU, which will be returning after we leave.

Many powers returning from the EU will go directly to the Scottish Parliament, with a handful being frozen to ensure a smooth transition for businesses across the UK.

  • The Trade Bill will ensure the UK is ready for when we leave the EU, providing continuity for individuals, businesses, and international trading partners.
  • The Agriculture Bill sets the foundations for a domestic agricultural policy.  Agriculture is devolved to the Scottish Government and this Bill does not change that.
  • The Fisheries Bill will provide the UK Government with powers to set annual total allowable catches for UK waters, and provide the UK Government and devolved administrations with powers to the amend the fisheries regulations that will be transposed into UK law from EU legislation.
  • The Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill seeks to fund and implement reciprocal healthcare schemes and share necessary data after the UK leaves the EU.  It is intended to allow the UK to maintain reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the EU and its Member States after Brexit, in the event of either a Brexit deal or no deal scenario.
  • European Union (Withdrawal) Act freezes EU law into UK law, while providing powers to amend legislation through regulations and establish common frameworks where necessary.
  • Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act, also known as the Customs Act, gives the government the ability to establish a standalone customs regime, and ensure that VAT and excise legislation operates effectively, following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
  • Nuclear safeguards Act provides measures to introduce new nuclear safeguards to replace Euratom.
  • Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act ensures that when the UK leaves the EU, we can continue to impose, update, and lift sanctions and anti-money Laundering regimes.
  • Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act allows us to operate a permit scheme for international road haulage for whichever journeys may require permits and introduce a trailer registration scheme to allow UK trailers to be used freely internationally.

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