The UK Government provides a world class passport and registration operation through HM Passport Office – meaning citizens can easily apply for a passport or replace, renew or update an existing one, online or in person. You can also report your passport lost or stolen online.

Apply online for a UK passport

Planning to go abroad this year?  It is important you do not book your travel until you are sure you have a valid passport.  Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy process for renewing or replacing your passport, so you can focus on making your holiday plans.

HM Passport Office offers an entirely digital passport application service which makes it even quicker and easier to apply for a passport.  Customers using this service can complete the application process online, including uploading a digital photograph from their tablet or smartphone, and making payment.

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How long will it take?

It should take around 6 weeks to get your first UK adult passport, but it can take longer.

All other application types (for example, renewing a passport or getting a child passport) should take 3 weeks.  It can take longer if more information is needed or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.

Taking your passport photo

Your passport photo is an important element of your ID credentials, and getting the photo right when you’re taking it at home might seem quite difficult.  Here are some tips on how you can ensure you get it right first time.

Reporting your passport lost or stolen

If your passport is lost or stolen, it is vitally important that you report it immediately. This helps law enforcement agencies prevent people from entering the country illegally, and to prevent organised crimes like human trafficking and illegal immigration. Reporting your passport lost or stolen also helps you protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity crime.

All lost and stolen passports can be reported online at The process is quick and simple to use.

Report your passport lost or stolen - external link

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